Make a wish!

If you were granted one wish, right NOW, what would you wish for? Take a moment to think about that question. Of all the things you dream of achieving, which is the most important thing for you right now?

I am not a genie, fairy-godmother or magician, but I do know of somebody who can make every single wish you have come true…

This is an experiment in human thinking:

Write down your wish on a piece of paper and close your eyes, transport yourself some time into the future and imagine that your wish has come true. How does it make you feel? Whenever I think about my goals and aspirations in this way it always gives me a surge of energy, extra motivation to get things done.

Here are two reasons why people do not achieve their dreams:

1 – Picking the wrong dream

In order to achieve your dreams you must have a burning desire to do so. When every single moment you waste eats you up inside because you’re no closer to achieving your greatest desire you know that you have chosen the correct dream. It is easy to know if you have chosen the wrong dream, if you are prepared to sit back and relax – not working towards it. Another indication of focusing on the wrong dream is the nagging feeling in the back of your head that you would rather be doing something else.

Let’s say your ultimate dream is to spend two weeks relaxing on a Caribbean island but you’re spending all your time working towards buying a new car. You are never going to be fully focused on working towards buying your new car because there will always be part of you which is longing for the holiday. If you were to work towards the holiday instead, you will find that you are far more motivated and will work much harder instead of daydreaming about it.

You may be thinking, but what if I actually NEEDED to replace my car. If this were the case I can assure you that you would not be thinking about the holiday. When I began the article I asked “Which is the most important thing for you right now?” when you spend time thinking about the the question in order to answer it honestly, this is the thing which will always be on your mind.

2 – Too many dreams

The easiest way to illustrate this problem is with an example. There are two naughty boys who keep stealing apples from the tree in your garden. Every time you chase one, the other one sneaks into your garden and steals the apples from the tree. When you notice, you turn around and begin chasing him away, the first boy comes back and steals your apples while you are preoccupied. You will never catch either boy this way and you will lose more apples. The solution, don’t stop chasing the first boy until you catch him. Then you can spend all your efforts catching the second boy. Once you’ve caught both, you can concentrate on growing apples.

If you are constantly chasing different dreams, you will never achieve any of them. You will spend all of your time, money and effort getting nowhere. You must choose your most important dream, the one which you desire most and follow it through. Once you have achieved it, you will feel amazing for doing so. You are then free to choose another dream to follow. Once you have achieved all of your dreams maybe you can sit back and relax with a nice ripe juicy apple.

Like I said, I know somebody who can make every single wish you have come true… now get to it.

Make a wish.

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