Being Obese – Health Problems It Can Cause

I was asked this morning,  “why I do, what I do”  my response… because being overweight can lead to health problems and is something that can be controlled.

Are you aware carrying too many excess pounds puts a severe burden on your body which can result in painful limbs and joints. It also puts pressure on your internal organs preventing them from working efficiently. Your heart has to work harder to pump oxygen around your body and this can lead to heart disease. Your lungs struggle to cope and this can lead to breathing difficulties.

Your liver and your kidneys are the two most important organs in your body for dealing with toxins. These organs get rid of the poisons we all consume on a daily basis. But if they are not working at optimum levels these poisons can build up in our systems causing anything from dark patches under our eyes and elsewhere on our skin to cancer and other serious illnesses. Most obese people do not drink sufficient water which can lead their systems to dehydrate imposing yet more pressure on the liver and kidneys and eventually they will begin to fail. The fact that these internal organs are not working at optimum levels could be one reason why you struggle to lose weight. A detox diet to kick start them into working better often works very well so long as you are sensible, follow your doctors advice and don’t use it as a long term weight loss plan.

Other health issues being overweight can cause is fertility problems and hormone conditions such as thyroid issues. If you are trying for a baby and either you or your partner are overweight, this could be the cause of your failure to conceive.

If you are overweight, you should have a full medical check up to ensure that a medical condition is not the cause of the condition. Yes carrying too much weight can lead to medical problems but being ill can lead to the obesity issue in the first place. Only a full medical check up will rule this out.

Diabetes is another huge problem for overweight people and the sad fact is that it is largely preventable but once you have it, it cannot be cured only controlled. It is very important that your diabetes is managed correctly if you do have it. Never ignore any symptoms of this condition as it can cause all sorts of problems if it goes untreated.

The good news is that you can reduce your chances of getting any of the above illnesses by losing weight. Every pound you lose will reduce your risk so it is worth trying everything to get your body mass index down to below 25. You need to address your entire lifestyle not just your diet or your exercise program. You need to first adopt some patience.

It took a while to become this overweight so you are not going to wake up toned and slim one morning without first putting in a lot of hard work and effort. But the good news is the being obese and the health problems that go with it do not have to be your destiny. You have complete control over this issue and there are plenty of people who will help you overcome it if you let them.

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