Discover Why Your Greatest Battle is with Yourself

Dennis Prager, the radio talk show host once said, “The biggest battle in life is with yourself.”

He couldn’t be more right. The weight loss journey is a painful and challenging one, and it’s one you’ll have to fight on your own. Forget what the weight loss pills and fitness gurus tell you.

If you’re carrying an extra 30 pounds or more, it’s going to take sacrifice, work and persisting through failure and disappointments to reach your weight loss goal. The fat can be stubborn and you’ll need to dig deep within yourself to overcome it.

Adopting a proactive mindset will help make the journey smoother and keep you going even when every brain cell is telling you to quit. This is the norm, and the battle is always fought in your mind, and it’s fought with your heart.

  • Coping with insecurities

One of the most common reasons people want to lose weight is to look better. They want to be more attractive to the opposite sex. They want confidence and a sense of achievement.

This is not vanity. It’s what your heart wants. The common trend these days is to talk about body positivity and acceptance of yourself and your body, even if you’re obese.

The truth of the matter is that body positivity will never defeat insecurity. If the sight of a toned and muscular man makes you feel weak with your dad bod, it’s an insecurity that’s hidden under the excuses you tell yourself.

If you see a lithe, sexy lady who turns heads when she struts, but you feel like an out-of-shape frumpy mom, that’s a sign of dissatisfaction with your current life.

In times like these, being proactive and changing your lifestyle so that you achieve the body you want, will be the best cure for these insecurities. You’ll develop inner strength, satisfaction, confidence… and find happiness, because progress towards a worth goal always makes you feel good.

Do not sit in silence and suffer with your insecurities. Step out of your comfort zone, embrace the struggle and reach new heights.

  • The agony of waiting

Rome wasn’t built in a day. The fitness model you see on Instagram probably has 8 years of training under his belt that you know nothing about. This lack of information leads to false expectations that the goal is easily attainable.

It’s not. It takes time. Quite a bit of time.

It’s the wait that drains most people’s motivation. Attainment of a worthy goal almost always takes time. If it was quick and easy, everyone would do it. It’s the struggle that delivers the results. A gem cannot be polished without friction.

So, it’d be wise to remember that even if you haven’t seen results in a month, a month is not long enough. Keep going for 3 months and you’ll surely see a massive difference.

The biggest challenge here is not to lose steam before the required time is up. Give yourself 90 days and don’t stop before that.

  • Comparing demotivates you

When you compare yourself with others who look slimmer and fitter than you, it’s inevitable to feel inferior or lacking. You may think that you lack motivation, or you’ve wasted your life, or many other negative thoughts.

Always remember that this battle is yours and yours alone. Stop looking at others and focus on yourself. Comparing yourself with other people will only distract you from your own path.

Stay focused on you, your goal and the actions you’re taking to get there. Do the best you can to discipline yourself and do what you need to do.

This will be a challenge that you’ll battle every single minute during the journey. So, be sharp and proactively strive for incremental progress every day. If there’s no struggle, there’s no progress.

Committed to Your Success,


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