Monday Motivation- What are your limits?

Happy Monday!

Napoleon Hill wrote a book called Outwitting the Devil.  In it, he stated that “Your only limitations are self-imposed.” 

This book has a powerful message that talks about how procrastination, indecision, not thinking for yourself, fear, poor habits, and lack of clarity prevent us from achieving our maximum potential.

It talks about how most of mankind “drifts” through life without a clear path or purpose and we end up going wherever life takes us.

Opposing this, is the person who has extraordinary clarity and focus on their purpose and goals, independent thought, courage, purposeful habits, and lives with intention.

Our minds are the most powerful thing we have; and if we can only learn how to reel in its power and maintain clear and purposeful focus, we will accomplish AMAZING things.

Which set of words do you let into your mind and reign over your thoughts?

Do you let fear and other people’s opinions effect what you do?  Or are you courageous, think out-of-the-box, decisive, and purposeful?

Change the way you talk to yourself, and you will change your life!


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