What type of mindset do you have?

I wanted to chat with you today about mindset.   Contrary to popular belief,  your mind, and body do not work in the past or future.  They work in real time and it makes sense,  you can’t go  back in time and you can’t (for now) travel to the future.   Your mindset can take you toward your goal, or away from your goal.    Think about that for just a second…

I took a second to think about it and a fond memory came to mind:


  There are 2 distinct mindsets and you will have one or the other.

Only one will come with success.

THE FIXED-MINDSET says “Are you sure you can do it? Maybe you don’t have the talent.”

THE GROWTH-MINDSET answers, “I’m not sure I can do it now, but I think I can learn to with time and effort.”


FIXED MINDSET: “What if you fail—you’ll be a failure?”

GROWTH MINDSET: “Most successful people had failures along the way.”


FIXED MINDSET: “If you don’t try, you can protect yourself and keep your dignity.”

GROWTH MINDSET: “If I don’t try, I automatically fail. Where’s the dignity in that?”


As you hit a setback:

FIXED MINDSET: “This would have been a snap if you really had talent.”

GROWTH MINDSET: “That is so wrong. Basketball wasn’t easy for Michael Jordan and science wasn’t easy for Thomas Edison. They had a passion and put in tons of effort.

As you face criticism:

FIXED MINDSET: “It’s not my fault. It was something or someone else’s fault.”

GROWTH MINDSET: “If I don’t take responsibility, I can’t fix it. Let me listen—however painful it is– and learn whatever I can.”

(Taken from

Print this out and begin learning to change your mindset to a growth mindset.

It’s your purpose. This challenge will require it of you.

To your success,





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