Monday Motivation…Nourishment


Too often we’re scared of failure.

We don’t like being embarrassed by our own mistakes and we don’t like it when we are less than perfect.

So we avoid placing ourselves in situations where we can’t control the outcome or guarantee success.

But what if we viewed our failure differently?

What if we saw failure as nourishment?

What if, instead of being self-conscious about our errors, we saw our mistakes as an opportunity to learn, to persist, to get better?

The only way to ensure that you never make a mistake would be to do nothing at all, which ironically is the biggest mistake you can make.

Every successful entrepreneur, artist, leader and athlete has used their failures as nourishment.

Instead of being afraid of them, they’ve realized that they are necessary if they want to achieve their goals.

What about you?

Is your future being nourished?

Stay Strong,


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